Understanding Sciatica and Leg Pain

What you need to know when you have pain down the leg…

Sciatica is a difficult and painful condition, and as common as it seems to be, it is very much MISUNDERSTOOD, what we mean by this is everyone has an opinion on it, or even experienced it, the internet is full of exercises and remedies to cure it…

We could as far to say that if you have a pain down your leg most people will automatically says its sciatica,

However there is one BIG detail missing, most people cannot diagnose it, most people do not realise sciatica is not a diagnosis…
Sciatica is a sign that something is compressing the nerve, this can be disc, joint, muscle, pathology…That is what you really need to know…

If you have non-specific treatment without a diagnosis there is a possibility of further damage, irritation and slow recovery.

Taking supplements and remedies will be hit and miss as a disc injury is very different to a muscle injury, both can cause sciatic irritation…

Often we have patients attending the clinic who have spent lots on supplements, seen the doctor, massage therapist and other therapists and we are the last chance saloon… Occasionally one of these may work based on probabilities however often they don’t.

You Need To Know What Is Causing Your Sciatica And Leg Pain!!


You need to know what is actually causing your pain, only then can you really treat it. Remember Sciatica is not a diagnosis


The right treatment to the right problem will give a much better outcome and prognosis, with faster relief of symptoms.


Understanding sciatica and what is causing your pain and why will help create the best plan to manage and prevent

Book your treatment today and let Manchester Osteopaths help you with your sciatica and leg pain, we aim to assess, treat, manage, rehabilitate and prevent. Sometimes Sciatica requires an orthopaedic opionion and if we feel the necessity, will refer for investigation by your GP, which may include MRi’s and X-rays or other examinations from neurological and orthopaedic consultants.

We aim to get you back moving as you should be… Francis Connor Osteopath

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