Martina Carr

BSc Hons Osteopathy, MA
Martina graduated with a first class bachelor science degree with honors from the London School of Osteopathy, UK.

Martina’s interest in osteopathy started 15 years ago when a back problem reoccurring during her amateur long distance running made her seek manual therapy. An osteopathic treatment that allowed her to run several marathons sparked her interest in a hands on approach to pain and injury.  Since then her academic training has been continuous and as a keen runner she understands how important it is to treat both acute and chronic injuries.

For the last 6 years Martina also specializes in treating performing artists – particularly musicians and dancers. Her patients’ clientele includes professional drummers, rock guitarists, performing concert pianists, violinists, music teachers, members of modern ballet and dance groups. With a multiple pressure from rehearsals, recordings and performing, they are all susceptible to injuries that affect their performances but are easily resolved with an osteopathic approach.

Martina’s treatment is tailored to every individual patient, using structural osteopathy – a combination of soft tissue work, trigger point therapy, joint manipulation and dry needling, together with elements of sacro-cranial osteopathy, as well as stretching and pilates exercises. She is very passionate about advising her patients how to help themselves to prevent recurring injuries. She has recently moved to Manchester from London, where she worked as a teaching assistant and examiner at London School of Osteopathy and successfully run two osteopathic clinics for several years.

Apart of English, she also speaks fluently Slovak, Czech, Russian, Spanish and Croatian.

Martina is a member of:

General Osteopathic Council
The Institute of Osteopathy
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