Happy New Year…

Good morning and Happy New Year to you, I’m looking forward to the New Year and all it brings, hopefully lots of smiles and good fortune.
It’s my second day in today and to be honest I’d prefer to be at home with my family whom I left chilling out watching TV after breakfast, this is before they disappear for a walk in the country park.
Anyway back to reality, firstly all is back to normal now in Manchester and Bolton so operating at full capacity at the clinics.
Secondly “resolutions” it’s what’s trending and will do so for the next month, I personally have given up on these as I prefer to get a pad out and right my goals and objectives down, particularly with exercise, I can’t remember the last time I actually fulfilled one.
If your looking for examples how about these for reasonable resolutions.
I know not very challenging but more achievable hey.

So what is one simple resolution you can do to kick start your health at this time of the year?
The purpose of New Year Resolutions  is to help us feel better and get healthier, we start to examine everything such as what we put in our shopping baskets, what exercises to do and classes to start, even trying to change our posture, and how fast can we get there. This really is quite a hard approach.
You see its simply human behaviour to want results fast (myself included), a major reason why we give up on our new habits after weeks, what we need is small steps, sizeable chunks that work for us and allow little gains with consistency.
So what is one of the best things to do to help you feel healthy? It’s something really, really easy. Something you’re probably already doing on most days, but you just don’t do ‘enough’ of it.
It’s walking.
Let me explain…
Getting healthy is all about increasing the positive influences, however small they are that you are already doing that add up to make a difference, walking is exercise, it just doesn’t feel like it.
Walking is a great addition to any health plan.
You walk to your car, you walk at home, you walk to your work place and around the offices – walking is already a daily activity, you just need to increase the amount of it you do.
Start slowly and build up distance and pace, throw in some mobility exercises and stretching and you will see some great benefits.
Here’s a nice article on healthy reasons to walk and the fells offer great variety and beautiful screnery for walking.
I’m just planning my next walk, last week I went to Edale and enjoyed a good walk with a good friend of mine Phil, I did contemplate taking my son Harrison but it was that windy I would have had to put string on his legs and take him round like a kite, I’m not sure his mum would approve 🙂

And on that note keep well and keep moving 🙂

Francis Connor

Manchester Osteopaths
Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic